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By JD Hollyfield

My name is JD Hollyfield!

I am a USA Today Bestselling Romance Author who is also a contributing writer with Main & Luxe. Outside of magazine assignments, I spend my days writing spicy happily-ever-afters. But I am strategic about each plot. My characters don’t find their way to each other because of pure luck. It’s careful planning and a puzzle board of ideas and plots. There’s angst, fighting, push back, and heated tension.

M & L asked me to think about a column to have a dialog with our readers – a chance for me to give you romantic inspiration from my years of research and writing! You provide a scenario, and I will provide advice from a romance novelist’s perspective. Ask me all your burning questions and let me answer with my creative romantic-inspired take.

I’ll give our readers ideas about dates, setting the mood, and all the little things in between. Everyone deserves a happily ever after (or in this case a happily-ever date night.)

We are setting up a fully open Google Form. All feedback is anonymous – so whatever happens behind the sheets (of this column), stays there.

Ask away!

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