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By Samar Istanbouli

Naperville has many options when it comes to working out. Some of these options include boutique gyms. These types of gyms are highly personalized and offer their clientele a more unique workout experience. The main difference compared to traditional gyms is that boutique gyms usually limit their areas of fitness (such as yoga, barre, cycling) and they tend to be more intimate and community oriented. Main & Luxe found several woman-owned Naperville gyms you should consider in 2022. Our theory is this option may make us stick to those new year goals since we won’t be an anonymous person on a treadmill in a big, busy gym!

Rae’s Academy at Edge—Startup Yogis Friendly; Mentorship
Michelle Rae Sobi is the sole owner, lead yogi, digital artist, and mentor at Edge Yoga School, located in the shopping center at 87th Street and Modaff Road. She found yoga while recovering from an injury that prevented her from walking. “I found solace in yoga, along with the physical strength to rehab into a new life. Yoga saved me in every way a person can be saved.” Edge’s classes are open to the public, and they welcome all yoga levels. Michelle’s most popular class is the weekly Candlelight Yoga on Sunday nights. Other classes include partner yoga, vinyasa, and private yoga sessions. Edge also focuses on training, mentorship, and business support of newly certified yoga instructors. “There is no such thing as an advanced student. Yogis remain students of their asana practice, as well as students of life.”
Rae’s Academy at Edge
525 W. 87th Street

Michelle Rae

Donna’s Home Fitness—Customized Fitness; Baby Friendly
Donna Anderson is the sole owner and operator of Donna’s Home Fitness located near Tamarack Golf Club. After having her first child, Donna was determined to find a way to use her experience as a personal trainer and master’s degree in Physical Education to help people; all while maintaining the flexibility to raise her children and be present for her family. For the last 18 years, Donna has succeeded. With a well-equipped gym in her home and many class options, Donna offers a customized approach to fitness and health for her clients’ needs. Her focus areas include any injuries or doctor’s recommendations and off-season conditioning for athletes. She also offers virtual classes, one-on-one personal training, and small group fitness classes. “My passion is help people better their health through fitness, no matter what level!” Donna is also pre-natal and post-natal certified; she has an open-door policy for babies and children to accompany their parents during workouts. “Easing anxiety, especially for new moms who don’t want to leave their baby at home or drop the baby off at a childcare center is really important and part of the experience I want to provide for my clients.”
Donna’s Home Fitness
5024 Prairie Sage Lane


360 Studios Naperville—Small Group Fitness to One-on-One Workouts
If you’re a fan of small group fitness, yoga, barre, cycling, or personal training, visit Nicole Suchevits over at 360 Studios in the Hawthorne Square shopping center. 360 Studios is not just a gym, it is an inclusive experience of physical health and communal well-being. “Because we aren’t a franchise or big box business, we can create our own rules that keep our clients safe and happy.” Nicole’s goal was to create a place where everyone fits in regardless of shape, size, fitness level. Growing up, Nicole struggled with her weight, confidence, and finding her place. Her experience compelled her to create a place where her clients could get everything needed under one roof and feel safe and secure. Nicole’s highly qualified instructors, management style, and community-focused philosophy has garnered her a loyal following. “In this world, it’s so important to find balance of effort and ease…and stretching it out is what we are all about.”
360 Studios Naperville
807 S Washington St #115


Delta Life Fitness—30-minute Multi-Intensity Classes; Child Care
Ready for her next endeavor, New Zealand native Alicia Roberts relocated to the United States after years of traveling around the world for her former employer. She found the job market very competitive and the type of role she wanted hard to find. That’s when she sought the advice of a professional business consultant who introduced her to Delta Life Fitness. As an avid runner, Alicia always had a passion for sports and fitness. Her personal goal is to run the 10 biggest marathons in the world…for fun! When asked about why she chose Delta Life Fitness, she said “We are building a space for women who may be intimidated by the weight room at traditional gyms. But we want to be the gym for all women regardless of fitness level—whether you haven’t worked out in 30 years or are an ultra-runner.” Delta Life Fitness offers 30-minute classes composed of high-intensity exercises followed by low-intensity movements/resting periods designed to create maximum results at any fitness level. The studio will also offer childcare. Delta Life Fitness is projected to open in February of 2022 in the Market Meadows shopping center.
Delta Life Fitness
1277 S Naper Blvd

Alicia Roberts

AIR Aerial Fitness—Body Weight Training
Aerial Fitness is a new concept in town, that fuses Pilates, ballet, yoga, and high intensity interval training on aerial hammocks. Owner and operator Amie Langus’ program is designed to make you stronger. The 50-minute workouts challenge participants with high-intensity exercises like push-ups and lunges combined with aerial yoga moves. “AIR provides the perfect workout that will give you results in a couple weeks, if you are consistent. While in the air, everything you do utilizes strength and muscle, which helps in all activities in your life,” Amie explained. It is recommended that new clients start with the 50-minute beginner class, Air Foundation, which introduces new clients to aerial exercises on hammocks. Amie is trained in both aerial and mat fitness and has a background in real estate, her studio is in downtown Naperville, in the alcove behind Potbelly Sandwich Shop.
AIR Aerial Fitness
236 S Washington St #107

Courtesy of AIR Aerial Fitness

The next time you find yourself looking for a new challenge or an enriching community to join, support one of Naperville’s woman-owned fitness facilities. These studios offer a complimentary class or discounted rate for new clients.

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