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By Dawn Klavon

These days there are apps to track your sleep, manage your money, find your car, choose your wine, and get a ride. What will they think of next? According to, there are 2.7 million apps available to download on the Google Play Store and 3.6 million in the Apple App Store. In celebration of men everywhere, here are nine apps your gent will rely on daily (and they’re great for everyone!).

Distiller: For the moonshine lovers in the crowd, Distiller makes your spirits shopping simple. The comprehensive app includes whiskey, tequila, mezcal, rum, brandy, gin, liqueurs, and vodka. Learn about spirits before you ever spend a cent, so you know you’re making the right choice. Add your own tasting ratings to advise other Distiller subscribers as well. Now that’s the ‘spirit’!

FlightAware: They say that knowledge is power, and FlightAware mobile flight tracker app gives the power to you! If you’re a frequent flier, FlightAware is a lifesaver, keeping you in the loop about where your flight is, any delay and why, gate numbers, where it’s coming from, and more. You’ll see full-screen maps with weather and real-time flight tracking at your fingertips. Land this app in your phone for your next airport excursion!

How to BBQ Right: Did someone say grill? We can’t all be great grillmasters, so the app, How to BBQ Right, was born. Access the genius of pitmaster and YouTube star Malcolm Reed in this online resource for serious barbecue: recipes, grill/smoker shopping resources, tips and tricks for bad-ass BBQ, and how to actually cook your BBQ. There are tons of barbecue, smoking, and grilling recipes included, as well as gift ideas and podcasts. How to BBQ Right does just that—and you take all the credit!

Louis Vuitton City Guides: Time for a travel adventure? The new Louis Vuitton City Guide app covers 32 cities worldwide. It’s a magnifique blend of tried-and-tested favorites, new places, traditional sites, and offbeat ones, all bringing a compelling element to the city. LVCG covers the most beautiful hotels, finest chocolate shops, lively neighborhood bistros, iconic luxury houses, design galleries, hidden museums, and more. Let Louis Vuitton be your guide for superior travel adventures!

Men’s Hairstyles: Thinking about a new ‘do but not sure you’re ready to commit? The Men’s Hairstyles app takes away all the stress. Just upload your photo and try on over 250 haircuts that may be your next look. Want a stubbly beard or longer sideburns? The app handles facial hair as well. It’s the hair-apparent of apps!

Mixit Cocktails: If ‘mixologist’ isn’t on your resume, no worries, Mixit Cocktails is the app with virtually every recipe under the sun—with step-by-step instructions. It’s a rich library of cocktail concoctions—classic, sour, long, bitter, strong, simple, unique—you name it, they’ve got it. Search by name, spirit, origin, or ingredients and voila! The recipe magically appears. Every which way, the result is a fabulous beverage made out of the ingredients you have. Download Mixit Cocktails to look like a mixologist extraordinaire!

Parkify: In the rush of getting to the theater/mall/restaurant/etc., we’ve all thought, ‘where’s my car?’ Instead of roaming aimlessly through the 15-level lot, Parkify—Where is My Car—does all the heavy lifting for you. This simple car locator detects where you park your car, so no action is required by you at any time! Lost? Check the app and follow the walking directions back to your car. Park smart with Parkify!

SoundHound: Have you ever heard music and thought, ‘hey, what song is this?’ SoundHound makes it simple to identify music playing around you, whether in the car or out and about. Open the app, hit the orange SoundHound button, let your phone listen for a few seconds, and SoundHound tells you exactly what’s playing! It’s been called pure magic—and with 300 million+ downloads and billions of songs discovered—we agree.

Untappd: Untappd is a community platform, corralling beer-lovers’ posts about latest trending beers at local restaurants, recommendations for top-rated breweries, craft beer events, and more. Get directions to beer spots and even order a ride if you’ve had a few too many. Subscribers can rate beer and learn if local bars have started stocking their beers. Three cheers for beer!

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