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By JD Hollyfield

The start of summer fun brings a rush of outdoor socializing: grills are fired up, volleyball nets and bag games are set up, and the pool rafts are blown up. And what goes with all of this? A beer. June is a spectacular month to pull out that lager wish list and flock to local breweries for craft beer tastings. Whether it’s in the comfort of your own backyard or an outside patio at a favorite brewery, indulging in this local experience is a great way to treat your hops and barley palette. Unsure where to start? No worries, the thirsty team at Main & Luxe did the work for you!

Noon Whistle
1748 W Jefferson Ave

First on our recommendation list is a local brewery located in the heart of downtown Naperville. Co-owner and Brewmaster, Paul Kreiner and his family spent their summers vacationing in a small town in central Wisconsin, where every day at noon the town whistle blew, encouraging the town to crack open their first beer of the day. It was from this special tradition that he formed and opened, alongside his best friend, Noon Whistle.

From their low-alcohol content to barrel-aged brews, a tour and tasting is a beer connoisseur’s dream. I sat down with local Noon Whistle patron, Matt Potter and got the scoop on what to check out. Starting with a standard ale and easy crowd pleaser is their Cozmo pale ale. It’s light on the taste buds and alcohol content. “Your tastebuds will thank you for the hoppy mixture of grapefruit and faint taste of orange. If you’re not into tasting a variety and prefer to stick to one flavor, this is a great choice.”

We appreciate a man who knows his beers, and he warned us not to get too attached to any specific flavor, because not all craft beers are brewed year-round. To avoid the heartbreak, he advised to check out their Hop Prism Blue. It’s a higher percentage in alcohol content and packs a palette punch if your jam is non-hazy IPA’s and it’s brewed all year round.

From their entire soft body to full gummy selection of mouthwatering beers to hazy IPA’s, there’s no wrong choice at this place. He didn’t let me leave before mentioning that they offer live music and food trucks almost every weekend.

Matt Potter, Super Fan, Noon Whistle

Khaos Brewcade and Kitchen
12337 Illinois Rte 59, Plainfield

Owner and entrepreneur, Corey Knowles of Khaos Brewcade and Kitchen is making it known that breweries aren’t only just about enjoying a delicious hazy IPA. That’s right, a brewery and arcade. A skip and a step from Naperville, this place is a goldmine for family outings and/or drinks with friends. The kid in you will shine through with the abundance of classic arcade games.

While I may have had my eye on an old school game of PacMan, Corey’s focus was pairing me up with a mean game of frogger and a tasty IPA. Want a recommendation from the expert himself? His favorite, by far, is the Sweet Emotionz. “You can smell the fresh orange with every sip of this glorious nectar,” he explains while pouring the perfect glass. “We promise you that this delicious Wheat Ale will make you grow a huge pair of…Oranges!! We bring the sweet to the wheat with over 130 lbs of Oranges. Unfiltered and refreshingly light, this explicitly Orange Ale belongs on your playlist all year long!”

Come and dominate some pinball, sample a West coast inspired IPA and even show up hungry. Khaos has a full menu. Bringing the kids? No worries. Khaos has plenty of sitters while you enjoy a crafted brew in the form of some arcade classics.

Sweet Emotionz beer
Courtesy of Khaos Brewing

Go Brewing
1864 High Grove Ln

Calling all dedicated beer drinkers who don’t want to give up the good taste of beer, I introduce to you the rising trend of nonalcoholic breweries. Joe Chura, owner of Go Brewing is bringing the novel idea of taking away the drunkenness of a brewed beverage, not to mention the fogginess we all feel the next day.

If you’re in search for an alternative to high quantity alcoholic beers, this is it. The concept is quite impressive. Establishing an atmosphere for health goers and creating a social experience that includes fitness, live music, and even food trucks, without the lagging effects of alcohol. Go Brewing is giving the community an outlet to have a beer, minus the hangover. Set to open in September 2022, this brewery is focused on creating the most favorable product while minimizing the alcohol intake. Make sure to keep an eye out for this trending concept!

Any summer gathering, whether firing up the grill or socializing with family and/or friends, there’s a special place for craft beer lovers.

Offerings by Go Brewing
Courtesy of Go Brewing

Need help deciding on what beer to choose? I searched out the most qualified beer drinkers to help break it down.

IPA/Hazy IPA – Bitter, bold, and trendy with a high alcohol content. Perfect for when you want to feel sophisticated or to quickly wash away your sorrows. Careful with this one. Known to put users to sleep in the front yard.

Lager/Pilsner – Light and refreshing. This is your choice when you need to stay hydrated on the boat all day or to replenish your sweat while admiring your freshly cut lawn. No need for counting these can be enjoyed all day.

Stout/Porter – Dark and smooth. Hints of chocolate and nut flavors make for a complex brew fit for a cold winter night by the fire. High caloric intake can help build your off-season waistline. Perfect companion to winter binge eating on the couch.

Brown Ale/Red Ale – Heavy on the malt and light on the hops make for a sweet and silky mouthfeel. For when you can’t handle the bitterness of an IPA but want more flavor than your average watery lager. The “hey I’m drinking a craft beer, but you’re not” choice.

Pale Ale/English Pale Ale – IPA’s little brother provides some hoppy flavor without the higher alcohol content. For those who like the flavor of IPAs but need to get into Speedo shape for the summer.

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