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By Stephanie Anderson

The aim of an interior designer is to make each project unique to each client: a space they feel connected to and inspired by. Achieving this means taking a closer look into how a client lives so we can identify with them on a deeper level. Exploring a client’s existing tastes in fashion is one method I like to employ.

While downtown over the holidays, I stopped to appreciate the outfit of a random passerby. As I studied the tasteful but eccentric outfit she was wearing, I noticed the rich use of color, the shape the dress took on her, and the multiple layers of texture. I imagined her sitting in a bold, dark-colored room sipping a glass of Lillet Blanc while reading a book.

I immediately started taking notes and imagined her use of color and material in a den or study. Utilizing the deep brown textured leathers of her clutch for accent chairs, the velvet gray jacket she had on for pillows, the unique design on the silk scarf for artwork, the feathers in her hair as an accessory, and the striking gold necklace she had on for accents around the room. Her outfit painted a perfect picture for a design concept. Every detail mattered and could be used to create a vision.

Take a step into your own wardrobe. What could be a better way to identify what colors and patterns you like in your home than what you enjoy wearing on a daily basis? Are you conservative and like to wear all black, or do polka dots and colorful paisley patterns represent your closet? Let your wardrobe style be the guide and get inspired! You can also discover inspiration from others whose styles you like and admire.
Of course, if you’re feeling really ambitious, grab your laptop and a glass of your favorite bubbly and watch the Paris runway shows on YouTube to try to connect with how your emotions react to the elements of design used. Brands such as Chanel, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton have been paving the way for the fashion industry since the mid 1800’s and they have also had a huge influence on interior design over the years. Colors and textures you see on the runway make their way into the home quickly.

The process will feel easier and be more enjoyable if you start with the materials and textures you already enjoy! My suggestions are as follows:

Fashion-to-Interior Design Tips:

  1. Explore your wardrobe
    -Identify your style—are you a minimalist, transitional, traditional, modern, or do you like to stand out with an eclectic taste?
    -What colors or patterns represent your wardrobe?
  2. Research fashion, such as Paris runway shows
    -Identity what styles you like.
    -How do the different colors affect your emotions?
    -What textures and patterns stand out to you?
  3. Pull together a mood board for your new space
    -Pick up color swatches from your local paint store that match your fashion inspirations.
    -Cut out photos of patterns and different textures from fashion magazines.
    -Do you love the quilted pattern from Chanel? Try it out on a chair!
    -Are you a fanatic for sequins? Try layering in a pillow covered in them!
    -Do you long for a Hermes crocodile handbag? Bring in an ottoman accent piece in leather that resembles the texture.
    -Once your mood board is compiled, go shopping for items related to your textures and colors to create a unique room based on your style!

Live Here more, you’ll like it!

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