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By Stephanie Anderson of SA Interiors

Today’s woman takes on many roles in society, at home, and in the workplace. We are busy. We are multitaskers. And at times, we need an escape. And I’m not talking about the bathrooms or closets we’ve all retreated to in order to get a brief moment of peace and quiet. Rather, these should be spaces that allow for devoted work, relaxation, or even play. Enter the she shed.

The she shed is the “ying” to the traditional man-cave’s “yang,” and they can be as unique as the women who occupy them. They can be something as simple as an office, a space to craft, a think-station, or a place to enjoy cocktails and gossip with friends. Whatever the desire, these spaces are incredibly fun to design; they are areas that offer the chance to reflect who you are and what you enjoy!

Exterior, rendering
Courtesy of SA Interiors

For those who may be just starting to consider this concept of a backyard escape away from the main house, there are several variables you may wish to consider: the size, the enhancements of the space, electricity, heating and cooling, and plumbing, to name a few. A customized, more elaborate space will require the help of your favorite designer/contractor or there are companies specializing in prefabricated tiny houses, which could help you achieve similar results.

On a personal note, my own she shed is currently in the drafting stage, culminating in a separated backyard studio for my business, SA Interiors. The opportunities this space will provide includes a quiet work environment for the team to be creative, a dedicated area to present clients’ drawings, and yes, even beverages with friends away from peeking eyes. For those with similar needs, an investment into a backyard office she shed may be more functional and cost effective than renting a monthly office space.

Courtesy of SA Interiors

While designing the SA Interiors’ She Shed Studio, I made many thoughtful decisions about how the space should serve my needs and desires. It will have walls of windows to offer natural daylight for sample selection and ample shelving for materials and finishes, as well as a separate workspace for two employees. While these functional elements are important, the part of the design that lies near to my heart is the color schematic and finishes.

Deep teal tones represent the brand, so shelving will be accented with our colors. Soft drapery sheers will be added to the windows to provide softness in the studio. A fur rug will function as the centerpiece of the studio to anchor everything together. And black-and-white artwork of past projects will accent the walls and act as a rewarding reminder of the finished products we’ve brought to our clients.

Regarding the actual structure you can either hire a professional or do it yourself. Bantam Built, a company based out of Elgin, IL, specializes in tiny house construction and offers several options from standard floor plans to custom designs. They also provide assembly and final installation. For DIY enthusiasts or the budget-conscious, local big-box hardware stores sell prefabricated sheds that can be delivered right to your backyard. From there, you can spruce up the structure with your own design elements and personal décor.

Whatever your she shed’s purpose, options and advice exist to help you turn your vision into reality. Why not invest in a space that allows you to focus on something that likely needs more attention: yourself.

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