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By Stephanie Anderson of SA Interiors

Kitchens are the ‘heart’ of the home. And, a quality range provides literal warmth to this heart, and as such, it is often the appliance piece people are most willing to invest in. Naturally, kitchen range needs vary per household. Some women I know begin their daily cooking routines at mid-afternoon, putting their blood, sweat, and tears into their meals. In other homes, it may be the husband standing over the flames, while their partner savors a glass of wine. Some may neglect the range during the week but look forward to sharing their weekends and best recipes with family and friends. Whatever your daily dinner routine may consist of, there is a range design for you.

When it comes to ranges, there are essentially three main types:
Dual Fuel: One of the most sought after ranges available today, these ranges consist of a gas-powered top with an electric-powered oven. Dual fuel ranges are hardworking and available at various price points to meet varying budgets.
Gas: One of the more traditional and certainly more cost-effective options, a gas range relies on one energy source to fuel both the stove top and oven.
Induction: A unique third option involves ranges with an induction stove top.

Providing a clean, modern look to any kitchen, induction ranges rely on a magnetic connection between the stove top and the cookware (e.g., stainless steel), and they provide several advantages relative to gas tops, including cooking time, safety, and cleaning.

While range type options are generally limited, range designs can be enormously varied. Below are some of my favorite manufacturers and models in the market today:

The Statement Piece: La Cornue
These luxury, handmade ranges from France come in multiple colors and sizes and are sure to be a head turner in any kitchen. La Cornue ranges can be customized to your tastes and needs, and they are instantly recognizable works of art. Consequently, some sticker shock may be understandable depending on your budget, but if you have the dollars to spare, then a La Cornue range is worth every one of them.

The One-Stop-Shop: Viking
Whether you are buying your first range or are a home chef needing all the bells and whistles, Viking’s series 3, 5, and 7 lines are extremely versatile and come in an array of design choices.

Perhaps my favorite of the Viking brand, however, is their Tuscany collection. Offering the sophisticated style of an Italian-inspired range but with the modern technology and service of today’s top ranges, this collection is stunning and powerful.

The Classics: Sub Zero (Wolf) and Thermador
You cannot have an article about ranges without talking about two of the most classic, professional ranges on the market: Wolf and Thermador. These stainless-steel beauties can meet the needs of any culinary artist, and their performance is never in question. Offering a wide selection of sizes and modern technology; these brands get the job done.

From luxury French-style ranges to the iconic Wolf, quality options are boundless when it comes to selecting a range to meet your design needs. The MART (formerly the Merchandise Mart) in Chicago showcases all of these brands and more within their element. Naperville residents who are ready to purchase a range from a local establishment should consider visiting Grand Appliance, which sells Wolf and other range brands not featured here.

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