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Ashley South, Founder of Main & Luxe Magazine

In honor of Women’s History month, this issue is all about women’s empowerment. We wanted to explore that theme and bring different perspectives on the topic. Through our conversations, we discovered and highlighted diverse types of power and variations on empowerment. These stories will change the way you think of the term when you hear it. We found that there is no one day to find or feel empowered. It is unique to each person’s experience and life station.

Because the word can feel nebulous at times, we looked to capture stories about women of different ages and backgrounds and in different work roles. We listened to women in corporate America, those who own their own business, and those who are or were stay-at-home moms. Each of these women shared what empowerment means to them.

What types of power do you have or see in the women around you? From these stories, I saw the following:
Quiet confidence—Not on display; this type of confidence can be the most powerful as the person does not strive to prove anything. They want no limelight and set about their path unencumbered.
Overt confidence—Direct action for change; they can be a name or face for something that serves as inspiration to others.
Community involvement and a sense of duty—The internal driver to give back to the world and people around them. (All of our features this month have this sense of empowerment.)
Someone with influence—Knowledgeable as a resource to others; able to provide good advice; a trend setter with a record of success.
A connector with a large network—Excellent at relationship building and remembering details to link Person X to Person Y.

Within these pages, we pivoted the term “Ladies Who Lunch” on its head via a stay-at-home mom, a woman in finance, and a business owner. We reached out to the Naperville Woman’s Club to connect with what they are doing in the community and how you can join. We spotlight four women-owned businesses for you to shop at. We learn about the programing for Women’s History Month via the Library on women who laid a foundation in history and the STEM field. We introduce you to a philanthropic organization that supports victims of sexual and domestic violence and helps them re-find their feelings of empowerment. We look at a quiet refuge in the backyard via a she shed! And Nicki Anderson, our profile feature, talks with us about being a stay-at-home mom, turned business owner, turned university director of women’s leadership—she covered ALL the things of empowerment in one interview!

Those with power and those who feel empowered tell us they know who they are and trust themselves. We admire them for their passion and approach. Their individual stories are relatable and inspiring. How do you feel empowered? Sweaty from a challenging work out? Head-to-toe polished and ready to take on any difficult meeting? Comfortable in jeans and a tee exploring a new park recommendation with your kids when they get home from school?

We want to recognize that there is no right way to be or feel empowered. Empowerment is about finding what works for you and owning it. Our only recommendation is to do it without apologies!

How can Main & Luxe help empower you?

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