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Ashley South, Founder Main & Luxe Magazine

This month, we borrowed a word from our profile feature and selected juxtaposition as our theme. Juxtaposition is a contrast of one thing next to another. In photography, you would see it as the contrast of light and dark. On our cover, the way Arthur Zards is specifically lit in the face while his body is largely in the dark.

We are using the light as an opportunity to feature his face…his creative mind…the focus of our piece on him. In writing, it is the closeness of two things that you might not expect next to each other. Normally, we here at M&L write for women and about women. However, within this month’s pages, our narratives center around the male perspective.

As a nod to Father’s Day, our theme this month compelled us to make the Men’s Issue! We bring you all the things you can read about for the men in your lives—husbands, fathers, sons, brothers, and beyond. The issue is meant to spark conversations and have fun within the pages.

Outside of the articles, this issue is also a contrast and closeness to our own brand. You will notice that we have updated the cover to help identify the theme and call attention to our stories. We hired a graphic designer, Johnny Garcia of Urek Media, to evolve that aspect of our brand. Additionally, he has created a palette and tone to the magazine to keep us consistent. We’ve hired additional writers to round out the tone. Finally, we have leaned into our advisory board for consultancy on layout and article density.

This is a continuation and a start. A juxtaposition of the closeness of our initial attempt next to the freshness of new ideas. Main & Luxe is stylish and posh. We are a coffee table magazine now and forever. We bring you the library, community engagement, and profiles meant to inspire! Together we hope to create conversations and stitch the community a bit closer together.

How are you considering juxtapositions?

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