Ashley South, Founder

While we acknowledge returning to school is around the corner for many of you, we encourage you to procrastinate on those details and wring out the most from warm days!

Go kayaking, people-watch with your neighbor over brunch, and take in the greenery of the landscape around us. You could make a trip to the Riverwalk with your two-year-old for story time – “ADVENTURES!” or climb a mountain. Adventuring, to me, is about trying something outside of your everyday life. There is an intentionality about adventuring.

Our adventures as kids have bonded many of us to our childhood friends via the nostalgic memories of riding our bikes until the streetlights came on or playing ghost in the graveyard across five neighbors’ yards.
As a magazine, our recent adventures have included more in-person events, expansion of our social media presence, and an increase in overall community engagement. My team and I want to know your stories and connect you with others. Our focus is to the weave together the community via content that sparks conversation and inspires – a relational experience!

I invite you to join me and the M&L team on Thursday, August 4 at 5:30pm at Zade’s Lounge – we are hosting a “Meet & Read” of this issue. Chat with our writers, features, and readers! Together, we can truly create new bonds and stories of intentionally trying something outside of our everyday.

For this issue, we bring you eateries outside of Naperville, water sporting adventures and gear, a tiny house in the woods where you can unplug, information about how to navigate nutrition labels, the history of the bicycle movement, and a story about Naperville’s own Lucy Westlake who climbed the tallest mountain in the world.

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