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By Ashley South

Ashley South, Founder of Main & Luxe Magazine

November is a busy month. It is the introduction to the holiday season and when you begin juggling how and when to see your family and friends. For those of us with children, you may also be considering how you can give back and help guide with new perspective. You may be starting the hunt for present ideas. While your family and friends are looking for your time, you are thinking about how you are going to manage it all.

Family politics and planning around key dates and available weekends are chief among the stressors. Anxiety is high. Driving to a family party, if you are like me, you wonder what (or who) your wacky uncle may bring to dinner, how to deflect that one sister-in-law who grandstands about whatever is trending, and when your dad is going to corner you about how your car is doing. (Okay dad, yes, it drove us here, but indeed I should get my tires rotated before winter hits…yes, I will call next week…) Cringe worthy moments you anticipate play out in the back of your mind like face-palming scenes from a sitcom. The reality, except your dad who always asks about car maintenance, is usually lovely and most things go off without a hitch.

My early draft of this message was focused on what you would typically see around the Thanksgiving holiday. Food galore, a reminder to give back, and ideas about the upcoming holiday. Those things are still wrapped in this issue. But I realize more than that, this issue is about stitching together stories that you can share with your friends and family, while also providing you with a quick, fun resource on a few things around town.

Last month I talked about my motivation for starting Main & Luxe Magazine. This magazine is a way for me and its contributors to bring you stories about people we encounter every day but who we may not have the time to get to know in passing moments. Bringing these stories to life is the simple goal – to help make this community a little smaller and also to inspire! This is a community magazine at the heart. Everyone we have talked to has a story and a passion. That wacky uncle might be getting ready to self-publish the funniest memoir ever about his antics. Your sister-in-law might have the over fascination with trends because she is thinking about starting an accessory line and has been making pieces, but she hasn’t had the guts to tell anyone in the family about the project yet! Your dad, well, your dad probably just wants to make sure you are safe.

This issue brings you stories of people that are living their passion in our community. Terrell Cole can help you make sure your Thanksgiving meal is perfection. Kimberly Stull has created a new world for you and your family to explore at the DuPage Children’s Museum. Main & Luxe is showcasing pieces for your table that can easily be picked up around town. Reece Suarez will concoct an out-of-this world cocktail experience for date night. Katie Braga shows you around the library and its rich resources via pictures. April Redzic can provide you with where you can give back to those struggling with homelessness in our community. And the Bailey Family provides inspiration about their personal model of service.
We invite you to flip through the pages and think about what stories YOU may have that need to be told.

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