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Ashley South, Founder of Main & Luxe Magazine

Every January since my mid-twenties, I have made a list of goals for myself for the year: one goal is personal, one is professional, and one is for my fitness. I write them down on a post-it note and stick it to my computer monitor to keep them literally front and center. January has always been about goals in my mind, as such, this issue is dedicated to goals.

My goals are specific and measurable. At the end of the year, I want to say that I did this one thing in each category. If I meet that goal, great. If I made steps toward it, well okay, that is still progress! Each of my goals is meant to stretch me beyond my every day to break out of the mind-dulling inertia of our daily routines.

This year, my professional goal is to establish the Main & Luxe brand more firmly within Naperville. To align our staff and provide guide rails for our brand, we are aligning ourselves around five pillars.
Community-focused: Our community is rich with unique people and their stories.
Give-back mentality: How can we support local and help provide a platform? Marketing is hard for a lot of local places. Our goal is to always give back as much as we can.
Curiosity: What else, what else, what else?
Elegant: Our approach to everything should be pleasingly graceful.
Above the fray: Stay neutral and supportive when engaging people. We will measure this goal via our support numbers on social media. Please tell us how we are doing!

Historically, my personal goals have been more challenging and required the most effort. One year, I set a goal to spend more time with my parents and then created a monthly calendar of plans for us throughout the whole year. Last year, it was to make better connections with my friends by calling more and writing handwritten cards to let them know I was thinking about them. My goal this year is to be truer to myself and my own needs and lead an authentic life. In this issue we learn more about Dana Davenport of Dana Being Dana who lives and breathes her authentic life daily. Her story is one that inspires me personally.

And finally, my fitness goal. This goal is always added as weight has been an issue for me my whole life. (Who doesn’t struggle with that?!) My fitness goals didn’t start grandiose; one year started off with signing up for one 5k during the year. Sign up. One race. That was it. My training for it included extra walks at night and an occasional jog here and there. It was one simple goal that I thought I could achieve. Each year, I decided to add in something a bit more challenging. A few years ago, I proudly completed a triathlon. 2020 and 2021 threw a series of wrenches into this specific goal. So, this year, I am back to signing up for a 5K. The goal of this goal is to start again.

Goals can be anything and everything you want. When you write them down, they become more than just an idea in your head. Progress is progress no matter the units of measure.

This issue brings you ideas to help with goals. As expected for a January Issue, we are bringing you information about gyms. Unexpectedly, all of the featured gyms are owned locally and specialize in women’s needs. We bring you information about how to make your dietary goals a bit easier by outsourcing the work. We’ve curated a list of items to help you get into the right mindset of self-care for personal and professional goals. And we help those looking to join a nonprofit board with the steps to do so for several of them around the area.

2022 is a big year for me and for Main & Luxe. We have our legs underneath us and are looking to run. Professionally, I would like to see the magazine grow in reach and brand presence via our five culture pillars. Personally, I would like to see us connect with our readers and make an impact on the community via our direct philanthropic support. And as for fitness goals, I would like to get us in talks to sponsor a future 5k—if nothing else, for it to be the one that I sign up for this year.

My overall goal for 2022 is for it to be the year of comebacks and goal accomplishments!

What are your goals this year? How can we help?

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